The Journey Man entitles the work of Johnny Gillett who draws from over twenty years of wide and varied performance.

  • As a Mime Artist throughout Europe and North America
  • As a Speech and Drama Teacher in South East Asia
  • As a Youth Worker to the international expatriate community
  • As a world travelled Storyteller with tales from across the globe and nearer to home

Now Johnny visits schools, museums, corporate training days, teacher training days, festivals, woodland, parks, youth centres, churches, conferences, art centres, residential centres, castles and many other venues to perform, lead workshops and teach.

The Journey Man travels greatly about Cheshire and into Wales, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom with regular visits to the South. And still he manages to make the occasional journey across the seas to lands afar.

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For further information, please contact Johnny Gillett:

01244 940141 Office

0784 342 8842 Mobile