Stories and presentations have been created by the Journey Man for a number of venues and projects. Some of these include ‘The Tale of the Ridgewyrm’ which acts as a piece of invented folklore (fakelore) for Cheshire’s Sandstone Ridge. This story has proved popular with all ages as a part of the Tales on the Trail projects of Habitats and Hillforts and as a source of inspiration for school children creating their own tales based on the landscape.

Johnny Gillett has also researched into local history and folklore for The Woodland Trust and so created stories which others can tell to excite people about the woodland on their doorstep.

Other clients include the Grosvenor Museum, Chester and Friends of Harmers Wood, Helsby, Cheshire.
If your venue or organisation is looking for a story, then the Journey Man is willing to take on commissions and will craft a story tailored to your needs. Johnny always looks to create stories which feel as authentic as possible, drawing on genuine history and lore, but suitably embellished for the audience in mind.
Johnny Gillett is then open to discussing appropriate arrangements so that such commissions can be recorded or re-told in other mediums.


To discuss how such a project could work for your organisation contact the Journey Man direct:


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