Faith & Festivities

Johnny Gillett has been taking School Assemblies all his working life and is well use to this forum for communication and reflection.

He has incorporated a vast collection of Bible stories into the Journey Man repertoire and also, from his travels, has many tales from the religious texts and traditions of the six major world religions.


Click here for his work available specific to churches (PDF Document)


Some Stories for Key Festivals of the Year

Chinese New Year

How the Animals Received their Years
How the Lion Dance Began


The exciting story of Queen Esther, liberator of the Jews


Episodes from the Gospel accounts of The Passion of Jesus Christ “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

St George’s Day

Tales of Merrie Olde England including George & the Dragon

Beltane (May Day)

Stories of dragons, fairies and bluebells

Guru Nanak

The story of the beginnings of the
founder of Sikhism


Tales of the Prophet Muhammed as well as various Islamic tales of wisdom


The Stories of Johnny Appleseed: Born in September this folk hero of American history epitomises the meaning of the Harvest Festival, planting apple tree across the United States, sharing with all his friends - settlers, Native Americans and the animals


Tales from the Ramayana the key story for this Festival of Light

Christmas ‘Our One Massive Christmas’

Each year the Journey Man puts together a selection of Christmas stories from around the world. This is advertised on the website when it becomes available and is booked extremely quickly


For further information, please contact Johnny Gillett:

01244 940141 Office

0784 342 8842 Mobile