International Tales

As a world travelled storyteller, The Journey Man has gathered many fascinating stories from a host of world cultures. His storystick often displays a host of artefacts from these travels and each one carries a story.

North America
Native Americans
Pioneer Heroes

The Caribbean Islands
Pourquoi stories
Anansi stories

Stories from Mexico

South American fairytales
Folktales of the rainforests

English Folktales

German Fairytales

Tales from Mother Russia

Tales from the Arabian Nights

Kenyan Animal Tales

Zulu Stories from South Africa

Tenali Ramalinga stories of India

Tales of the Lunar New Year
The Journey to the West

Mukashi banashi of Japan

South East Asian tales of Sultans and spirits

Dreamtime of Aboriginal Australia

Maoritanga of New Zealand

For stories of world religions click on
Faith & Festivities.

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