Procedure to Book The Journey Man


1. Contact the Journey Man to find an available date
Phone: 01244-940-141
You can of course discuss ideas and possibilities before booking a date.

2. Once a date has been agreed, click onto the download the Schools Online Booking Form.
This You will need to be complete this and then press SEND. Your details will then come straight to us and we will send you an acknowledgement confirming the amount of deposit you need to pay in order for the date to be fixed in The Journey Man's diary. This will be 30% of the total price for the booking.

3. Once we have received payment of the deposit, you will receive an email from The Journey Man to confirm your booking.

4. There will probably be some emails or phone calls to verify details. Then, one week before the date booked, you will be invoiced for the final balance.

5. When the date finally comes, The Journey Man will arrive at the school - generally 20 minutes before the start of the first session. And so an enjoyable time of stories will begin and your school will be left with many ideas to further enhance your work.

Pricing for Schools in the United Kingdom

£1200 - One five day week of performance/workshops
£600 - Two days of performance/workshops
£300 - One day of performance/workshops
£200 - One half-day of performance/workshops
£100 - One single performance (1 hour in length)

Please note that travelling expenses are calculated at 45p per mile per round trip and will be added to the costs shown above.

Click here for the Schools Online Booking Form