Stories From History

Tried and tested and refined over many years, the all the following story collections can be told simply as tales in a classroom setting or as interactive drama workshops.

Looking for historical stories local to Cheshire?

For further info, see those marked with a Cheshire Cat and click the link to Cheshire and Surrounds

  Ancient Egyptians
•Tales of the Gods
•The Pyramid Builders
  Ancient Greeks
•Myth & Legends
•Boudicca’s Revolt
•The Cornovii of Cheshire
•Myth & Legends
•Sagas – Eric the Red, Leif the Lucky
•Ingimund of the Wirral Peninsula
•Myths & Beliefs
•The Story of Cortes

Tudors & Stuarts
•Thomas Dallam’s Trip to Turkey
•Celia Fiennes Rides By
•Prince Rupert Save the Day!
•Tales of Shakespeare
•Fairytales of Oscar Wilde
•Salt & Soap
World War II
•The Firewatchers
•Bombers over the Sandstone Ridge

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