Storytelling seems to be experiencing a revival - and why not? Every one of us has a tale to tell.

As the Journey Man, Johnny Gillett has performed to many different audiences and found that in simply sharing stories people of all ages suddenly feel more confident to tell their own tales.

With over 200 stories in his head, and drawing on 20 years of telling and teaching, Johnny Gillett can give a performance lasting up to an hour, lead workshops in story forming and storytelling, as well as research and create tales for your specific venue or project.

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SCHOOLS - Children and teachers of all year groups have thoroughly enjoyed the tales from the Journey Man and have been inspired to write their own or explore the themes through other artistic forms.
TRAINING - Teachers, trainers and leaders have seen their confidence grow in the use of story through the Journey Man’s coaching and team development techniques.
SITE SPECIFIC - Whether it’s a walk in the woods, storytelling in a hillfort or tales around a museum, the Journey Man has helped people of all ages to see something new in their surroundings.


For further information, please contact Johnny Gillett:

01244 940141 Office

0784 342 8842 Mobile