Johnny Gillett is able to work in a variety of settings and formats and will produce bespoke sessions for your training needs. Sessions are offered from a single hour in length, which can act as an introduction, to anything lasting up two days.

Key areas covered are as follows:

• Team building and teamwork

• Confidence in communication

• The use of stories for trainers

• The use of story in teaching

Subject matter can be explored in a one-to-one coaching session, in small groups, team workshops or large group presentations.

Take a look below at the details which best fit your context and feel free to contact us direct to discuss your specific areas of need.

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Trainers – Grow in confidence with the use of stories
Whether they’re humorous anecdotes or helpful illustrations, stories are invaluable tools in training presentations. However, finding or creating a tale can be hard enough, without having to remember all the details in the right order.

From his years of storytelling, presenting and coaching, Johnny has developed a number of techniques which will build your confidence in not only telling stories, but creating your own to fit your situation perfectly. He will also show you where good stories can be found.

Managers & Leaders – Share your vision and inspire your team
If you are more used to dealing with figures than inspiring people, some coaching in how to tell a story may be what you need. Stories capture people’s imagination and inspire them to make changes. Sharing a vision is therefore akin to telling a good story. This practical workshop involves analysing some favourite stories, identifying their motivating features and learning how to use these in own presentations to inspire others.

Teachers – Creating a storytelling culture in the classroom
Many teachers have enjoyed training with Johnny Gillett over the years. Their confidence with storytelling has grown as they have created their own stories and learnt how to tell them – skills which they can then pass on to their pupils. These workshops are full of handy and exciting games and techniques, which will work with many ages and across many learning contexts.

Community Projects – Telling our own story

Recognising that stories work for us on many levels, workshops are available which lead groups through the process of story making using their own lives and situations as the inspiration. The workshops then move on to how best to retell stories providing a time to listen and find our own truth behind other’s metaphors.

Workshops are also available for parents in how to tell stories to their children.


For further information, please contact Johnny Gillett:

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